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We’re off to see the Blizzard…

I guess in starting off my new “official” blog, this bit of news is just as good as any.

In less than a week, I’m flying out to California. I’ve never been to the west coast, but I hear it’s nice. The kicker is that I’ve never really wanted to go. Now, however, I can’t avoid going. Wouldn’t want to if I could, really. After all, it’s all payed for. It’s a mini-getaway. Most importantly, however, it’s for an interview with Blizzard Entertainment.

I’d say that really sums it up. For over a decade now, I’ve admired the work to come from their hands. Of course, I’ve always thought how great it would be to code or design for them. I just never thought seriously about having that opportunity. Now granted, I’m not going in for a game development position, but a tools developer instead. So I’m sure it will be a lot like the other work that I’ve done, but c’mon… it’s for Blizzard! Who knows, perhaps I can find a way to slip in my designs somewhere and get a prototype going. Oh well… pipe-dreams, you know?

I will obviously be posting about this in the days to come, but for now… I’m done.

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  • Mike:

    Hi StevenThat’s a good point at the moment there’s no silmpe way to download my videos from Youtube. I’ll see whether I can make them available as a download from my store, perhaps a 2012 Video Archive for download. If there are any particular videos you’d like to download, let me know by posting another comment.CheersVictor

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