“Objects in System.Reflection are closer than they appear.”
by Greg McCoy

SOS.Tray v0.8

So here is the download link to the installer for the SOS.Tray application. It will also install a “My SOS” folder into your “My Documents”. This is crucial.

The SOS application looks at directories under the “My SOS” folder as categories for snippets (e.g. “My Documents\My SOS\Development”). Under these categories, it looks for “.sos” files (the console applications).

The installer does not contain any snippets by default, but I have a few that I will be posting soon. They are simply “.zip” files that you will need to extract into a category prior to use.

After installing any new snippets (until I write a bit more code), you will need to restart the SOS.Tray application to see the menus and trees rebuild.

Here is the download link for the SOS application…

Click here to download Snippets on Steroids (S·O·S) v0.8

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