“Objects in System.Reflection are closer than they appear.”
by Greg McCoy

Installer v0.15/v0.4

I know I just put v0.14 out, but hey… it’s the weekend! So here’s the download, and the skinny on the v0.15/v0.4 changes…

Click here to download the Snippets on Steroids (S·O·S) Client/Add-in Installer (v0.15/v0.4)

SOS.Tray v0.15 (client) changes…
* Added web snippets (*.swb).
* Added snippet macros (*.smx).

SOS.VSA v0.4 (add-in) changes…
* Added support for new snippet types (*.scs, *.svb, *.swb, *.smx).

SOS.Setup v0.15 (installer) changes…
* Added file-type associations for new snippet types (*.swb, *.smx).
* Added five new “starter” snippets.

Example of a web snippet file (*.swb):


Example of a snippet macro file (*.smx):

Security\Rijndael Encrypt.scs
Development\URL Encode.scs

*** UPDATE ***
The SOS.VSA v0.4 that was supposed to be included in the installer now is. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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