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Snippet: Rijndael Encrypt (and Decrypt)

Here is a pretty easy and useful little snippet to encrypt and decrypt in Rijndael (AES). Nothing fancy, but here it is nonetheless. Oh, and it uses your logged in Windows account name as the key, so you may want to change that to be your company’s domain, an MD5, your pet’s mother’s favorite teacher’s high-school sweetheart’s maiden name, etc… ;)

Download: Rijndael Encrypt and Decrypt (C#)

Sample Clear:

Sample Encrypted: (with “KEY”)

5 Responses to “Snippet: Rijndael Encrypt (and Decrypt)”

  • Dev62:

    This is what was picked to be the actual implementation of the Advanced DES standard. It was not picked because it is a strong algorithm. Rather the NSA directed NIST to choose it. One can only guess it is because the NSA can break it.

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  • You’re right. It is not the strongest, but it is extremely versatile and is typically much smoother on the crunch-time than most “better” algorithms.

    Honestly, the only reason I ever choose to use Rijndael is when I need my output to be ASCII. ;)

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  • Other than trusting the cert on cltines before using it, I have been manually generating a CSR (the stock cert doesn’t have enough details), installing the publicly signed cert and then choosing that with slap config to set up the Master. Been meaning to do a post on that

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  • Thanks I just spent a few hours trying to get my pgceaaks to work after deployment. I’d taken the same steps you took (including all the ones that didn’t work like SQL Server storage protection), but I hadn’t edited the command line, which has worked! Greatly appreciate that you took the time to post the information!

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