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SOS.Tray v0.14 + SOS.VSA v0.2 (Installer)

Wow! So much to say… No time. Must sleep.

Okay, so here’s the QnD overview. This installer has the latest build of the SOS.Tray client and the SOS.VSA add-in all bundled up. The enhancement report will come later, but the real kicker is that I migrated Michael’s Compiler snippet into the client as a dynamic snippet builder. Now you have three types of snippets— compiled (*.sos), C# (*.scs), and VB.NET (*.svb). Base classes sit in your “My SOS” folder, and get compiled (as ran) with the dynamic snippets. Also, these files are now associated to the SOS.Tray client, and will “pretend” a [Screen -> Screen] with the default input as whatever is on the clipboard.

Like I said, I’ll post more in an update. Until then, here’s the installer.

Click here to download the Snippets on Steroids (S·O·S) Client/Add-in Installer (v0.14/v0.2)

*** UPDATE ***

Changes in SOS.Tray v0.14…
* Snippet input is now streamed first, then again via argument if streaming returns nothing.
* Added dynamic C# snippets (*.scs) and base partial class at “My SOS\Base.cs”.
* Added dynamic VB.NET snippets (*.svb) and base partial class at “My SOS\Base.vb”.
* Associated snippets (*.sos, *.scs, and *.svb) with a [Screen -> Screen] input/output method.
* Snippet menu reloading now keeps active snippet in the tree menu.

Change in SOS.VSA v0.2…
* Snippet no longer “replaces” input if output matches. (Stops unnecessary check-outs.)

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  • HEIDI – Wow, we (my sisters Ashley, Morgan and I) are so exietcd for you two. This post is such a surprise, I yelped for joy when I heard. We’ve been following your work for a while and think Reinna is just too cute. Happy to hear that you two are in it for all the marbles. Congrats!

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