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by Michael E. Gerber The E-Myth (Revisited)

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Low-carb Geek…

Okay, so for those that do not see me regularly, you may not know that I’ve changed my life a little bit. I’ve decided it’s finally time to lose some weight.

I know, I know… I’m sure those of you that know me are saying “Yeah… tried to tell you that!”, but I also know that in order to make life-altering changes you have to want to do it.

So I’ve started with my diet. Life would be so much easier if I said that I was “dieting”, but that’s not the case, as “dieting” is almost always a slingshot effect, and I don’t want this stuff coming back.

I’ve also found that many of my experiences along this path are things that, going into it, I never knew. It’s very much a learning experience, but I find every day that there are ways to make it closer and closer to what my previous diet was. I think this is the reason that it’s easy to look at this as a life change more than a diet – it can be sustained.

So I saw, through many a bewildered eye at the things that I could eat, that there was a need to explain my findings for others to possibly benefit from. I started lowcarbgeek.com to hopefully help out with that a bit.

If you’re looking to lose some weight and don’t already have a plan, give it some consideration. After all, I’ve lost 52 pounds so far, and I’m not even remotely miserable. ;Þ

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