“Objects in System.Reflection are closer than they appear.”
by Greg McCoy

“To hell with them…”

It’s a troubling ordeal we’re all in here with the Oracle/Google problem. If you’ve not yet heard, Google is being sued by Oracle over their use of Java with regard to their Android Java VM. Here is a well written article on the situation. Reading this is quite disturbing, but is something that I think people should know about who are at all involved with Google, Android, or Java development. ChrisDev55, a commenter over at ZDNet put it better than I ever could have:

Larry Ellison and his legal lapdogs have breathed a chill down the backs of the entire Java development community. What a shameful business practice: plain and pure extortion via licensing fees! Oracle (and Sun in particular) did not lead advancements, the platform or novel implementations in Java over the past few years. Others did, Google being one of the most recognizable. For all of those innovative, up-start Java development houses out there… watch your back! If your product/service is successful in the marketplace, you could get a letter from Redwood Shores, CA asking for a cut. As a key decision maker within my organization, I plan on skewing all future Oracle technology feasibility assessments and licensing renewals in favor of OSS. Oracle’s move has completely eroded any residual customer loyalty I had. To hell with them…

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