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Miranda IM

Miranda IM (http://www.miranda-im.org/)

Most of us have multiple chat protocols that we have to support to accommodate our friends, family, and co-workers. And of course, there are applications out there that will let you connect to multiple network protocols at once.

I’ve not seen any others operate as conveniently or flexible as Miranda, though.

Probably the most impressive capability of Miranda IM is how much is available for it to do. In addition to the standard messaging protocols (and a few obscure; X-Fire, LAN, Facebook, etc…), it has a plug-in system that opens the messaging client up to functions beyond messaging.

For instance, have you ever thought about getting “messaged” by your subscribed RSS feeds, micro-blogging from an IM, or glancing at the weather metrics for multiple locations nested in your contact list?

There are plug-ins that will encrypt, spell-check, auto-correct, or even render mathematical formulas from your messages. The message viewing window itself can be customized in many ways (from what I’ve read), but I’ve had little luck with it myself. I don’t really care about how the messages look though, I just need them to come and go reliably.

I’m guessing this has become more commonplace over the years, but it still cracks me up… this thing even has mini-games, people. Battleship, anyone? I have yet to try any out, but I will most likely get into the fun stuff after I get bored of the more practical elements.

By default, Miranda seems aesthetically unappealing to me, but a quick download of a new plug-in and I’m more than content with the contact list. I’ve seen many pages of custom contact list skins posted on deviantArt, but I’ve not really the need, as the default skin of the Modern Contact List matches my home and work pretty well.

As I mentioned above, the message window is supposedly improved greatly by the IEView plug-in. I just haven’t been able to get it going on my setup. Picking up some tabs for the message window is a must, however.

Configuration is a bit tricky, but if you keep with it, you can have it exactly how you want it in no time. You’ll probably need to look through the forums and FAQs a bit to get your initial questions answered, but Google will turn up some great articles on customization if the official site doesn’t have an answer for you.

I also fancy Miranda for being a portable application. Trust me, you don’t want to have to manage multiple instances of this application with as customizable as it is.

I liked Pigdin just fine, but if you’ve ever tried to use it on a corporate VPN with MSN, you know what I’m getting at. Errors all l over the place. Yeah, Miranda doesn’t have that little problem.

All-in-all, Miranda IM is probably the best messaging client I’ve ever used (and I’ve used more than enough).

Here are the links to the plug-ins I referred to (in order)…

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