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Tools import underway…

As of now, I’ve re-created three of the tools that were being used on the recently deceased version of lancemay.com.

There are a couple I still need to pull in, and more still that I have yet to write, but that process is currently underway.

If you have any (primarily development) tool ideas that you’d like me to write up, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you.

SOS migration…

I’m currently in the process of pulling the content of two of my Blogger sites into my new WordPress installation. One of which is the SOS site.

If you’re trying to get to the SOS downloads and are not able to, please give me a bit of time. I’m doing a lot of reconstruction as is, and it may take me a while to update all of the links and move all of the files over.

SOS is not going away. Just a little bit of time is all I need. Thanks.

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