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Visual Studio 2010: Obsidian Theme

Obsidian for Notepad++ is a great theme, no doubt. I normally use a custom theme based on this site’s colors, but for once I’m actually drawn away and into the world of Obsidian.

Here’s Obsidian at work in Notepad++ (well, with my typical font adjustment obviously):

I accidentally stumbled across a Visual Studio 2008 theme based on Obsidian and was immediately hooked. I downloaded and applied right away. I noticed, however, that really anything outside a standard code window looked awful and mostly unusable. So I rectified the situation – I adapted the Obsidian VS2008 port into a VS2010 theme!

This one is complete with syntax colorization through the web layers as well as the code. Here’s a quick shot:

Download the Obsidian theme for Visual Studio 2010

Installer vs. SOS.VSA

Here’s an interesting tidbit that I just learned. I’m not sure why, but the installer (as it is now) will not update the Visual Studio Add-ins if they already exist.

I was certain that I had included them in the newest installer, but installing here at work gave me a copy of the add-ins from 1/15/08 (or so I thought). I deleted the SOS.VSA.dll file, re-ran the installer, chose “Repair”, and the new version was right there.

I will need to investigate this further, but until then, you may need to do something similar if installing newer versions of the SOS.VSA. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will keep you updated.

SOS.Tray v0.14 + SOS.VSA v0.2 (Installer)

Wow! So much to say… No time. Must sleep.

Okay, so here’s the QnD overview. This installer has the latest build of the SOS.Tray client and the SOS.VSA add-in all bundled up. The enhancement report will come later, but the real kicker is that I migrated Michael’s Compiler snippet into the client as a dynamic snippet builder. Now you have three types of snippets— compiled (*.sos), C# (*.scs), and VB.NET (*.svb). Base classes sit in your “My SOS” folder, and get compiled (as ran) with the dynamic snippets. Also, these files are now associated to the SOS.Tray client, and will “pretend” a [Screen -> Screen] with the default input as whatever is on the clipboard.

Like I said, I’ll post more in an update. Until then, here’s the installer.

Click here to download the Snippets on Steroids (S·O·S) Client/Add-in Installer (v0.14/v0.2)

*** UPDATE ***

Changes in SOS.Tray v0.14…
* Snippet input is now streamed first, then again via argument if streaming returns nothing.
* Added dynamic C# snippets (*.scs) and base partial class at “My SOS\Base.cs”.
* Added dynamic VB.NET snippets (*.svb) and base partial class at “My SOS\Base.vb”.
* Associated snippets (*.sos, *.scs, and *.svb) with a [Screen -> Screen] input/output method.
* Snippet menu reloading now keeps active snippet in the tree menu.

Change in SOS.VSA v0.2…
* Snippet no longer “replaces” input if output matches. (Stops unnecessary check-outs.)

Visual Studio Add-in…

Whew! So here’s the deal… I’ve been killing myself for the past few days writing the Visual Studio (2005 and 2008) Add-in for SOS. After days of head-shaking, throat-clearing, knuckle-popping, and ear-ringing (listening to Kristin’s favorite music; what I call “angry-poppy-crap”), I have finally gotten to a point where I am in the last stages of testing. After I get some personal confirmation that it’s behaving as desired, I’ll be releasing here for you all. I’m hoping this only is another day or so out, but I really don’t want to give you all something that acts crazy, doesn’t load, or worse— gives you any of my aforementioned develo-phrenia symptoms.

A brief explanation of the Add-in is warranted, I beleive…

The Add-in adds your entire SOS menu (save for the Input/Output methods) in the context (right-click) menu of the code window. The item that shows directly on this menu is labeled “Snippets on Steroids”, and houses everything else (so to not clutter your context menu. Under the root menu item are your snippet categories and snippets, labeled and nested just as they are currently in the SOS.Tray client. An example of the menu structure would be “Snippets on Steroids > Translation > ROT-13“. When you click on a snippet, the text that is currently selected is simply fed to the snippet, then replaced by the output of it.

Developers— I know you can appreciate the simplicity of this one… How nice will it be to just select one of your long string literal SQL queries and run formatting or regex operations against it, take that same literal pasted into an XML document and HTML encode it in couple of clicks, or automatically encrypt your connection string with your company’s proprietary algorithm that you hate the tool for (sorry; I had to throw that one in there). ¦¬]

Like I said, only another day or two. If you want to try it now, leave a comment and I’ll shoot it over to you. I really think it’s stable now though, so it shouldn’t be long…

Wish me luck! (…and my testers; yikes!)

*** UPDATE ***

Click here to download the SOS Visual Studio Add-in (SOS.VSA) v0.1

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